pytaco.outer(t1, t2, out_format=mode_format(compressed), dtype=None)

Computes the outer product of two vectors.

t1, t2: tensor, array_like

The input vectors. If the input is not a vector an error is raised.

out_format: format, mode_format, optional
  • If a format is specified, the result tensor is stored in the format out_format.

  • If a mode_format is specified, the result the result tensor has a with all of the dimensions stored in the mode_format passed in.

dtype: Datatype

The datatype of the output tensor.

outer: tensor

The outer product of the tensors passed in.


>>> import numpy as np
>>> import pytaco as pt
>>> a = pt.from_array(np.arange(3))
>>> pt.outer(a, a).to_array()
array([[0, 0, 0],
       [0, 1, 2],
       [0, 2, 4]], dtype=int64)