pytaco.tensor_heaviside(t1, t2, out_format, dtype=None)

Computes the element wise heaviside step function of two tensors.

This is defined as:

  • 0 if t1 < 0

  • t2 if t1 == 0

  • 1 if t1 > 0

Also note:

  • If the two tensors are equal order, performs the operation element-wise

  • If the two tensors have order N and M and N > M, requires the last M dimensions of the tensor with order N be equal to the dimensions of the tensor with order M in order to broadcast.

t1, t2: tensors, array_like

tensors or array_like input operands.

out_format: format, mode_format
  • If a format is specified, the result tensor is stored in the format out_format.

  • If a mode_format is specified, the result the result tensor has a with all of the dimensions stored in the mode_format passed in.

dtype: Datatype, optional

The datatype of the output tensor.

heaviside: tensor

The element wise heaviside step function of the input tensors broadcasted as required.


The inner dimensions of the input tensor is broadcasted along the dimensions of whichever tensor has a higher order.


>>> import pytaco as pt
>>> pt.tensor_heaviside([0, 0.5, 6], [0.5, 10, 10], pt.dense).to_array()
array([0.5, 1. , 1. ])