This is an alpha implementation of the tensor algebra compiler theory and contains known bugs, which are documented here. If you find additional issues, please consider submitting a bug report.

Input a tensor algebra expression in index notation to generate code that computes it:
    Level Formats 
    (reorder dimensions by dragging the drop-down menus)

    Dense levels store the size of the dimension $(N)$ and encode the coordinates in the interval $[0, N)$.

    Sparse levels store coordinates in a segment of the $\texttt{crd}$ array, with segment bounds stored in the $\texttt{pos}$ array.

    Singleton levels store individual coordinates (with no siblings) in the $\texttt{crd}$ array.

    A level is unique (U) if no collection of coordinates that share the same ancestors contains duplicates, and it is not unique (¬U) otherwise.

    More info on taco's tensor formats can be found here.

    Documentation on the scheduling language can be found here.
                        /* The generated compute loops will appear here */
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                        /* The complete generated code will appear here */

    The generated code is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. To help us improve taco, we keep a record of all tensor algebra expressions submitted to the taco online server.